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I am a Dad, Husband, Reservist, Realtor, and a very unaccomplished Author.  Real Estate is in my blood as is the military thanks to family for both.  I have been teaching and instructing since the late 1980's thanks to the military and that combined with being a Realtor have caused me to worry away at how to help and improve future Realtors.  After the last 6 years of working at it I have started with booklets on how to prepare to be a Realtor and what to do after you are registered.  A decent start.


Time to move onto something different and chase an older dream.


The dreams you have when reading a good book as the story comes alive and takes you to another place, time or world have always captured me.  From a young age I wanted to write and pass on the stories, I actually did typing away on an old typewriter one summer long ago and I worked up 40 pages of science fiction.  Then the real world came along and kept me busy.


What is to come?



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