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Stories From The CM Universe


     The Corporate Marines are the front line defence of humanity in the depths of space as the Glentol Corporation pushes out to act as the sword and shield that will defend and strike at those enemies that would strike first at a young inexperienced race that is just starting to reach out to the stars.

     These are the stories that are not told or even known by the Glentol Corporation and governments of Earth.  Follow the men, women and some aliens as we discover more of the Universe, the wonders and threats that are out there waiting.

     Most of these books are stand alones or in two book series.  Mostly.


Virtual Reality Start


Ron and his friends loved gaming.  The VR world was something they knew well and when the first International Virtual Reality Competition was announced they desperately wanted to enter.

Through a fluke and some good luck, they are not only enrolled but they have their VR room reserved at the local gaming centre.  Now they just need to get ready for the best gaming of their lives!

At least that was what they thought.

They didn’t know that a high-level AI that had been programmed to find a solution on how to defend our solar system from another alien invasion was on the loose.

All Ron and his friends want to do is enter the competition and do well.

They don’t realize that the entire system is about to be hijacked and a rogue AI has its own agenda.

What can go wrong in a thirty and sixty-minute gaming session in a VR world?


Virtual Reality Nightmare

Ron and his crew did well at the first International Virtual Reality competition.  Just a few days later the robotic invaders from generations ago came back striking the earth with meteors in preparation for a massive invasion.


Ron and his friends have survived the first wave.  Now they have to find the resistance and prepare to fight to save themselves and their planet.


Ron will be tested to the very limits of his abilities and beyond.  If he fails everyone dies.  If he succeedssucceeds, then they live to fight another day.  But in war survival is a gamble sometimes.

Will they have any chance to figure out what is going on or will they be stuck reacting as the invaders push forward on every front?

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