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Corporate Marines


The few, the brave, the desperate.  With all of the people on Earth that would step up and sacrifice themselves to protect the planet and their people most of them won't be able to. 

Only a few can successfully go through the intense training and nannite implantation process to become a Marine able to wear the powered armour and sync up with the systems.  


Humanity stands at the brink.  They are either going to move out into deep space and join the alien races out there already or they are going to hide in the Solar System.

Which option will humanity end up choosing?


Video Game Recruiting

Science Fiction and the Scientists lied…..

There was no golden age of discovery.  No FTL or Galactic Federations.  At first contact we found out how wrong we had been about the future.

Then a failed alien invasion had crushed our reborn hope.

Tim grew up a normal kid.  He went to school and spent time with friends.  After all ‘work hard, play hard’ is the way people live now.

All Tim had ever wanted was a nice entry level management position somewhere.  Preferably in The Corporation.  He didn’t know that he would become involved in something much bigger.   

There have never been many successful candidates for Marine training.  The requirements are high and only a few successfully complete training every year.  Humanity needs every Marine it has and more.

Tim will be put into a situation where he will discover the sabotage in the recruiting program.  Will he be able to expose the cause and fix it?  Or will he fail and watch as the experimental video game recruiting process is shut down?

Without the Marines how will humanity survive when the aliens come back?

Welcome To The Marines


The second book in the series following young Sam Slate who was just a normal kid living in The Projects. 

Sam was a quiet kid from The Project slums.  Then he was arrested for murder and after mandatory testing temporarily saved from a death sentence.  His only hope is to enter the Marine training program.  Complete that training and become a Marine.  Fail and either be sent off world never to return again or face execution.

Constantly aware of what he did wrong Sam knows that any mistake he makes could end with him being shipped off.  Will he succeed and become a Marine?  Will he be able to live with himself if he does?


First Deployment

Sam Slate, now known as call sign Eight, is trying to fit in with his new section.  They travel around the edges of human-occupied space, travelling from outpost to base to satellite making sure human space is secure.
No matter how hard he tries, Eight just can’t fit in. His combat scores are poor and most of his interactions with the section aren’t working.
It’s not that he isn’t trying to fit in. It’s that the rest of the section doesn’t operate like he was trained to expect.
They all have to figure it out soon, though. An unknown force has destroyed one outpost, and while continuing their patrol, the Marines find that another larger outpost has been invaded by what appears to be the same enemy.
The section has to deploy against the enemy that they can see … but how will they deal with the enemy and sabotage that they can’t?
If they fail to figure out what is wrong, then they may not survive the trap laid out for them by the emperor’s finest.

Star Traders

Coming soon!

The Isolationist Movement




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