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Nothing seems to be more terrifying than something that we can not control.  Something that is unnatural.  The undead are that something.  

When the dead rise the first thing I would suggest would be making sure you haven't slipped sideways into an alternate reality where the zombie apocalypse is already happening.

After all if you do end up there you know the government and military won't be handling it well.


The Service Centre


At the end of the summer late at night on the drive home a group of people stopped at a service centre at the side of the road for a coffee and some food.  Something went wrong, power out everyone passed out only to wake up inside the service centre but something was wrong.

The entire building had been shifted or transfered.  They were all in a different place in the middle of a heat wave.  

A subdivision where there had been none.  Vehicles that looked like they were from the 1950's and so much more was wrong.

Then they saw the dead man walking even though he was rotting away...


The City


The party has made its way away from the service centre and is now heading for the distant city of Freetdorf.  The military is there acting as security while survivors in the local area make there way in.  The last train out is supposed to be there in three days and they need to make it.

The zombies have run out of steam and are entering a hibernation state until they see and hear the survivors fleeing down the road.  Now they're moving again.

All the group has to do is make its way to the city and get on the train.

Oh, and make sure they aren't mistaken for enemies, and they need to find a way home from this freaky alternate Earth lost to a zombie apocalypse.


What could go wrong?  After all its only in the movies that humanity loses right?

The Train



Would you like a free prequel short story that explains where the virus broke out?

If yes just click the picture above to be taken to a link where you can download a free copy!

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